Membership of Phantom Tiger is open to everybody, age 4 to 6 for the Tykes class and age 7 to adult for the Taekwondo class. You don’t need to have any previous knowledge of Taekwondo or martial arts and no special equipment is required to get started.

There is no annual membership fee for Phantom Tiger Taekwondo. Classes cost £21 per month for one student, £39 for 2 students from the same family, £56 for 3 students from the same family and £65 for 4 or more students from the same family. In addition to training sessions with Phantom Tiger Taekwondo, adult members also benefit from free use of the gym facilities at The Mill and reduced fees for other eligible classes and seminars.

Belt gradings take place typically 3 times per year and cost £25. The fee covers the examination, belt and certificate.

Phantom Tiger Taekwondo have various trade accounts with suppliers and can provide almost all required equipment at below retail cost.

Should you have any queries regarding membership please head to the contact page to get in touch.